China is Poised to Become the World’s #1 Economy if We Don’t Get Our Act Together

China is Poised to Become the World’s #1 Economy if We Don’t Get Our Act Together

China’s military generals released a book in 1999 called, “Unrestricted Warfare” where it explained the CCP’s strategy to destroy the US’s economy, culture, and political system and thus our ability to implement Military force, without ever openly engaging in traditional warfare. They also expound about how they intend to essentially “Pretend” to be our friend until they will become, “Too powerful to stop” by 2035.

They are well on their way.

China’s economic strategy has 2 prongs: technological supremacy and the export of the Chinese economic model to third world countries around the world (embodied in the belt-&-road initiative). These are often labeled debt-traps. Essentially, China has been giving massive loans to developing countries, in the form of cash or developing mobile broadband networks (with built-in Chinese spyware), and when countries can’t pay them back they claim ownership of vital infrastructures, such as ports, roads, bridges, businesses and more.

China devotes vast state resources and subsidies to developing “frontier” technologies, such as 5g, AI, quantum computing, quantum communications, and gene-sequencing. China was projected by the state council in 2014 to achieve supremacy in semiconductors by 2030, and a projected 118 billion in investments over the next 5 years.

A Taste of Chinese Hegemony

China’s notion of what it means to be the world’s dominant superpower is very different from ours. In China, we have an economic and political rival unlike and greater than any we’ve ever faced. The United States is only 250 yrs old and founded on the principles of individual liberty. Our system is one that was written ahead of its time, and designed to be welcoming to the expanding of freedoms and civil rights as time has progressed, and although painfully slowly the United States has done just that.

We are the most successful nation-state in the history of the world. Although certainly not perfect, by comparison to world powers of the past the US has been incredibly generous and responsible. But China is 5000 yrs old and founded on an imperial system ruled by a centralized elite and people are only tools for the machine. It maintains a ruthless meritocracy.

Historically, Chinese Dynasties have fallen due to government corruption and incompetence, or a peasant class that gets too large and fractionates too easily. China has re-addressed the overpopulation issues by 2 methods: mass execution of the peasant class; or, more recently, through the one-child policy.

To the CCP, and historically all Chinese governments, human beings are only parts of the machine or obstacles in front of it. Within living memory, it has sacrificed or outright slaughtered a terrifying number of its own people, and has allotted essentially no human rights to them. Throughout 5000 years of China’s history, there has never been any form of democracy or culture of rights.

Instead, China’s diplomatic strategy towards its neighbors, throughout its infinite conquest to expand its empire, has been: assimilate to the Chinese imperial model or war. No freedom of speech, no freedom of religion, no right to defend yourself from tyranny or protest, no private property. There are very few social safety nets, very few workplace safety regulations, very few environmental regulations, and very few business regulations other than an enforced demand that all businesses be subject to state auditing or complete takeover at any time.

This is why it is almost impossible for American businesses to compete with those of China. We care about the environment, safety, and general wellbeing of our people. China’s business climate cares only about the accumulation of power and capital. In northwest China, there are “detention” camps, where an estimated 12 million ethnic and religious minorities are being forced to renounce their religious piety and swear loyalty to the Chinese Communist Party and are subjected to forced labor for the purpose of China’s “Re-education through labor” policy.

These internment camps provide goods for well known international companies including Apple, Nike, BMW, Samsung, Sony, and Volkswagen. In Apple manufacturing facilities, work conditions were so bad that people were continually leaping from the building to their deaths. However, instead of improving work conditions or wages, the CCP built nets around the buildings.

The Communist/Capitalist Schism

China is a Communist regime in name only. What they’ve taken from 20th-century communism are its most authoritarian elements, and almost nothing else. There are few social safety nets, redistribution is non-existent, taxes are lower than in most Western countries, and workers don’t own the means of production.

China is, however, uber-capitalist. Its glitzy neon cities and innumerable businesses that rise and fall from the public eye like tides attest to that. The number of new businesses that crop up daily in even the lowest-tier Chinese cities (and how little most of them are regulated, regardless of the law) can make starting a business in China ridiculously lucrative – that is, unless the government decides to take it over. In that remains one tendency of communism. Unfortunately, they’ll never do that for the benefit of the people.

This forward march toward ‘progress with Chinese characteristics’ has turned the aesthetic of modern China, in many cities, into a near cyberpunk dystopia. The Bladerunner tinge is apparent in more than the architecture. China is well on its way toward rolling out a ‘social credit system’. This will monitor citizens on everything from whether they go outside in their pajamas and play video games or give to charity. The needle moves in the citizens’ favor (or against it) and rewards/punishments are metered out accordingly.

All internet and mobile broadband data is available to and manipulated by China’s government agencies. Huawei, which is totally owned by the Chinese government, tracks every cellphone at all times, and all of the data therein. All cellphones are enabled to “spy” on their surroundings even when the phone is not in use. It also has millions of street cameras throughout the country with incredible facial recognition capabilities.

They have almost become a cashless society, and the government can track every transaction and shut down anyone’s ability to make purchases or receive purchases at any time, for any reason. They know who everyone is, where they’ve been, who came in contact with them, what they’ve spoken, what they’ve heard, what they searched, what they’ve written, what they’ve bought, what they’ve received; they’ve also advanced Artificial Intelligence systems, making predictions of the activity and behaviors of every person in the society with terrifying accuracy.

Chinese Potential: Expanding Rapidly

To put the dire situation in context, China’s GDP is about the same as ours; in purchasing power, it’s 25% larger, in terms of dollar values, their currency stands at 33% less than ours. So, our GDPs are about the same. However China’s economy is growing twice as fast. At this pace it will double every 10 to 12 years. Sometime in the early 2020’s, it is almost certain that their economy will surpass ours, and continue growing exponentially faster than ours. And they outnumber us almost 5 to 1. China’s population is growing beyond 1.4 billion.

The population disparities between the US and China will eventually express themselves in an upwelling of human capital in China. Their urban areas put ours to shame; one part of the skyline of one inconsequential Chinese city dwarfs that of LA by orders of magnitude. China has not been slow to exploit its burgeoning urban potential by creating opportunity zones and diversifying different cities by different industries. In education, we’ve brought hundreds of Chinese students into our top universities to get high-end degrees in the STEM fields.

Those students then go back to China to compete against us. It graduates 4x as many STEM bachelors and twice as many doctorates, and the disparity is growing. One-third of new people joining the Chinese labor markets have bachelor’s degrees, and a third of those are in engineering. Trump has said repeatedly that our economy is doing well, and China’s is doing poorly.

Trump is misinformed.

Since 1970 and 2018 China’s GDP per capita has risen nearly 50-fold in current US dollars, and thus the Chinese people overwhelmingly praise the CCP. Why wouldn’t they? They’ve made once destitute farmers into thriving capitalists. China’s investment in frontier technology exceeds ours by an astonishing margin, while we’ve spent trillions on failed “Nation-building” projects and trillions on failing and often counterproductive welfare policies. And let’s not forget all the football stadiums we’ve subsidized.

China has invested in 5g technologies, quantum computing, AI, and high-end chip manufacturing. China understands that just as steel was the most valuable technology of warfare in the 19th century, silicon is the most powerful of the 20th century.

Most of our politicians and voters are completely ignorant of China and their relationship to us. In all of the democratic debates, China was mentioned not a single time, whereas Racism and orange-man-bad was the answer to almost every question. China does not care at all about tariffs on rice, toys, and furniture. China is investing in implementing technological supremacy around the world and setting up debt-traps all across the southern continents and Eastern Europe.

America’s technological edge is falling apart at an alarming pace. We have never faced a strategic rival anywhere near as powerful, or dangerous as this 5000-year-old empire in the modern era.

It’s far past the time we in the US started addressing these issues.

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