Episode 1 Recap: Strategies for Debate

Episode 1 Recap: Strategies for Debate

There are a number of critical points to keep in mind when debating anyone, but especially when debating policy. In episode one we enumerated a number of different strategies to keep in your arsenal for when a conversation about policy inevitably turns into a debate.

Always argue on moral terms

Attack the moral failings of your opponent’s argument first, then their character for pushing it, then the inefficiency of their argument. Then your solution. All of the left’s arguments are based on an unearned sense of moral superiority, if you can take that away, they almost always have nothing.

Black lives matter, but the narrative makes things worse. More blacks are victims of crime, the anti-cop narrative of the BLM movement is counterproductive, these people thus don’t care about black lives. The economic, social, and criminal issues facing these communities are almost exclusively attributable to left-wing governing

Point out the gun in the room. All left wing redistribution schemes, and regulations, are backed by the threat of force.

Know the topic of debate intimately, and be proficient speaking about it.

Listen to the profound libertarian and conservative thinkers of the past and present.

Study the opposing thinkers and watch debates.

Follow news sources and thinkers from all political persuasions, know your enemy. This is one area they left struggles with, they tend to be much quicker to disassociate with the ideas of opposing viewpoints, whereas the right lives in a world where the opposition narrative is always on display.

Roleplay with a partner and practice defending the opposite positions to which you hold, this will give you a better understanding of the mindset and strategies who may have to challenge later.

If you don’t know something, it’s always ok to admit it and express an interest in learning more. This keeps you from falling into a trap, it also makes you appear more moderate and reasonable to an independent audience. If you are really uninformed about a subject stay out of the debate.

In the words of Andrew Brietbart, “Walk towards the fire”

The left understands the culture war, they understand it much better than they do policy or history, and absolutely better than they do economics. They know they win by intimidation and character attacks. This will almost always be their 1st attack, so come into battle expecting it and prepared call it out.

Don’t shy away from it, call out the tactic as morally deficient, don’t cower from it, deny it but don’t dwell on it, and wield it against them. You have to be willing to take a hit and brush it off. This is something Donald Trump does very well. He brushes off the character attacks and goes on the offensive and it’s the reason he is president today. It’s the reason people like having him on their side. Hit them back, and hit them hard. Make sure you loudly and confidently make the room aware that the person who is worse than a racist is the kind of person you falsely accuses others of racism for deceitful and manipulative reasons.

Attack first, don’t hold back. If you later realize that you were a little too strong at first back down to their level. Frame your opponent as a manipulative hypocrite and keep them on the defense. Mike Tyson used to say, “Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth” This is another thing trump does very well, he frames his opponents with a label, and they go crazy trying to shake it off.

Have the body language and composure of someone who is in control, happy, and approachable

Nobody cares how efficient your tax plan is if you look like your foaming at the mouth.

Imagine what the debate would look like if the volume was turned off, and be the person who looks like a more enjoyable person to be around.

We’ve all seen the memes of sensitive social justice warriors melting down. Don’t be like them, nobody likes them. And if you did a good job of taking our previous advice, most lefties will not be able to compose themselves as they are not used to or comfortable having to defend their
own morality.

Keep your eyes judgmentally on your opponent, only stopping to smile at the audience, or make a statement about your opponent to the audience. This gives you a connection to the audience and invite them to also stay focused on judging your opponent. Shine a judgemental light on your opponent and keep that spotlight on then.

Stay on target and ask questions.

Don’t let them change a subject if you are winning. Make every opportunity a referendum on them.

“If you’re explaining, you’re losing.“ – Ronald Reagan

So, end every statement with a question, and aim for morally loaded questions. This will keep them occupied from attacking you and give you better opportunities to push them beyond their base of knowledge and expose the holes in their thinking. It is also incredibly annoying and will keep them frustrated and singled out.

If asked a question, and you have a witty response, use it. But don’t spend too much time explaining, find a way to reverse the question as quickly as possible.

Spot Inconsistencies in the Left’s Argument and in their actions

Police for me, not for thee

Walls for me, not for thee

Police are brutal racists, only the police should have guns

Tax the church, subsidize abortion

Lockdown your business, celebrate mass protest gatherings

Ban assualt weapons, even though handguns kill 7x more people.

Antifa is good even when they loot and burn down city blocks, peaceful armed protests are scary.

Armed guards for our favorite politicians and celebrities, gun-free schools

As you can see, there are myriad ways to swing back against the character attacks that are bound to accompany leftist argumentation. We hope these examples have been explanatory and supplied the reader with some ammunition for their next debate.

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