Opinion: This was the Dumbest Presidential Election, Ever

Opinion: This was the Dumbest Presidential Election, Ever

Yup. the absolute dumbest presidential race in recent history.

Firstly, we’ve got Sleepy Joe Biden: the democrats, being the urban elitist panderers that they are, chose to run their mostly deeply-entrenched establishment candidate. They did this because they knew they could, A: please their kleptocratic Wall Street overlords and B: because they knew that Trump was really running against himself and COVID-19, not Sleepy Joe.

Secondly, there’s Mr. Trump. A whirlwind of ego and pathos, a paragon of everything wrong with capitalism, and the man who changed American politics forever by simply having more balls and less brains than his rivals. There were a million things Trump could have done differently in his campaign and especially in his response to COVID-19.

But Trump, himself not the sharpest tool in the box, underestimated the American people. Trump believed his laissez-faire management of the pandemic would work in his favor; after all, many countries have stripped their citizens of essential freedoms by using COVID-19 as a scapegoat. What he failed to account for is the fact that many Americans simply don’t care if they get COVID-19. They don’t know that one in five survivors end up with mental health problems and that the disease can reduce your lung capacity by 20% because their reading comprehension doesn’t extend beyond Facebook and Twitter.

And so Trump presented the media, who he has rightfully discredited (and if you disagree then see the fact that all major news networks in this country are owned by 5 corporations only), with a trump card of their own. They placed the blame squarely on him, and rightfully so in the beginning (because of his pettiness in helping out the governers of various states).

As the pandemic progressed, however, it became clear that a combination of CDC idiocy, ignorance, decadence, caprice, and our painfully stupid healthcare system was to blame for the skyrocket/surge/choose-your-adjective spike in cases. When asked what he would do about COVID a month before the election, Joe Biden said he’d ‘let the states figure out their own response and support them’. Which, if you’ll recall, is what Trump did over the most recent months of the pandemic.

The media wouldn’t let these facts shine through, however. The nuance is too great for the army of corporate sycophants. And so the blame fell on Donald J. Trump who, without sufficient mental capacity for a parsing of the facts, favored belligerence in his approach to criticism. That, and he was actually bombastically ignorant about just how bad COVID-19 was/is (inject bleach, ‘we’re handling it the best’, masks are dumb, hey why not huge rallies, etc.).

If Trump could have pulled his head out of his ass instead of emboldening the conspiracy fanatics of his base then his campaign could have been saved. Hell, if he could have just reacted to the media’s ‘Orange man baddd’ schtick with an ounce of finesse he’d likely have been fine.

Instead, we’re left with the dumbest presidential race in recent history. One corrupt and mentally deficient geriatric against another. One sabotaging his own campaign while the other lets the media carry almost the whole weight of his. A candidate who runs against himself vs. one who sits back and lets him do it.


There are, of course, credible allegations of fraud and shady business. Dominion voting systems, stolen mail trucks high-tailing it over the Canadian border, thousands of uncounted votes. It’s no surprise that a high volume of mail-in votes has resulted in more than a few cases of fraud and tampering.

I, however, Cole M., am of the personal opinion that Trump is leading a good portion of his base into a national psychosis. He’d simply have to flip too many states at this point to win the electoral college. Hell, even Bush v. Gore depended on a single state’s recount; Trump needs to litigate his way to victory in more than three states with anything but narrow margins between him and Sleepy Joe.

If there’s fraud then we ought to investigate. But we also shouldn’t kid ourselves into thinking that Trump can dig himself out of this electoral hole through litigation, even if he has put more federal judges on the bench than most other presidents have managed.

It’s a strange phenomenon with our president. He never fully comes out and says things like COVID-19 is a hoax; QAnon ought to be taken seriously; y’all should help me stage a coup. But his fiery, off-handed, enabling rhetoric leads many to believe that he’s in cahoots/responsible for all the people saying it’s a democratic hoax with their final wheezing breath as they die of COVID.

coronovirus racism public health crisis

Herein lies the fundamental problem with human nature and democracy that I’m totally not going to get into here. Look out for my next book if you want to hear me expound. What I will say is that we’re stuck reconciling the idea that we need to draw the line of personal responsibility for American citizens even if the world’s largest and most orange microphone is leading them towards something insane. You can lead a man to QAnon but can’t make him drink the adrenochrome.

If you’re thinking that this article has been rambly and inflammatory or without a central thesis then you’re right. I feel a certain amount of responsiblity, though, to point out that none of us should enter fully into Trump’s fever dream.

I hate to break it to republicans and Trumpists but I think he lost. And if you’re absolutely certain he didn’t I’ll bet anyone up to $100 dollars that indeed he did lose and no amount of litigation is going to change that fact. So why am I so salty? Because he managed to lose against not only a suit even emptier than the one that Hillary occupied but to himself. The man defeated himself while his senile opponent let drier-than-dust media pundits run his campaign because orange man bad.

Worst. Election. Ever. Change my mind.

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  1. On 2 December 2016, Mr Trump (then president-elect) took the highly unusual step of speaking directly to the president of Taiwan – breaking with a precedent set in 1979, when formal relations were cut. Carrie Gracie, then the BBC s China editor, predicted the move would prompt alarm and anger in Beijing, which sees Taiwan as a province of China not an independent state. The bold opener from Mr Trump was the first in a multi-pronged poking contest between the great geopolitical rivals, which has sunk relations to their lowest point in years.

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