Patriot of the Month

Patriot of the Month

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In the aftermath of the first Government lockdowns about a year ago in response to Covid-19, Brandon Barrios found his used instrument store, Music-go-Round in Fort Collins, shut down. Leaving him with a lot of time to think. He decided to get some fresh air and some quiet time to clear his mind, by heading up to Horsetooth reservoir and looking out over the landscape. Taken by the natural beauty he pulled out his phone to take some photographs, but as he tried to capture the perfect shot he began to really notice the trash and debris left behind by other visitors. This sparked a call to action for him, and he set about to begin clearing it. It gave him a great feeling of charity and accomplishment. He enjoyed it so much that he made up his mind to make it a regular weekend activity, and to inform his friends on social media of his intentions to do so, inviting anyone and everyone to join him.

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It was a hit. Soon every Saturday he was leading a small volunteer crew of 2 to 11 other people to make their way along the shores and trails with trash bags, picking up every scrap, wrapper, bottle, can and cigarette butts. He systematically cleaned almost 400lbs of trash from the entire north end on the 6.2 mile man-made lake, and has begun to start the southern end, and other northern Colorado areas. People have told him that it has inspired them not only to join him on Saturdays, but to be cleaner and more conscientious in their own lives. He even scored an interview with 9 News Denver, and one on the Bucky Dillon Show on 1360 KHNC. It has become a weekly tradition to enjoy the sunshine, the exercise, the accomplishment, the feeling of “giving-back”, and the sense of community that these events have been fostering. And the Lake is looking better for it too!

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He invites people to join him in his effort to clean up his community every Saturday. So if you feel inspired you can show up and start making aa difference, you just may bump into him. And if you feel compelled to say thank you to Brandon in person, you can swing by his Music shop, consider dropping off a gift card for some local Indian food, his favorite.

Thanks Patriot of the Month Brandon for being you, we sure appreciate it!

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