Storm the Bastille? A Bad Day for Democracy

Storm the Bastille? A Bad Day for Democracy

America has had it’s moments over the past year. No one is walking up to the dais to announce that 2020 was the best of calendar cycles. But that pales in comparison to the clown show that we saw on January 6th of 2021.

The tables are turned. Leftists and liberals are wondering why there wasn’t a large enough force of police at the country’s capitol. Conservatives are attacking federal buildings because they don’t like something ‘the establishment’ did.

And then there’s Trump. I’ve gone on tirades about Antifa, argued with them, grinded my teeth in frustration at the arguments they make. And now? “Give a fascist an inch and he’ll take a mile”. That doesn’t sound so farfetched anymore.

Horned, shirtless man at the Capitol demonstration identified | News 4  Buffalo

I’m not saying Antifa are the harbingers of truth or anything. I still don’t like them. What I’m saying is that the Trump supporters who stormed the capitol did so without his condemnation. There’s no possible world in which we can say that Trump wasn’t complicit in spurring on the insanity.

Why did it happen?

A group of Americans entered the capital building during a joint session of congress on January 6th, 2021. Congress was in session and arguments were being made on whether or not to certify electoral votes.

Capitol Reels After Pro-Trump Mob Breaches Building | WBEZ Chicago

The protestors genuinely believed that the election was stolen. That fraudulent votes were counted. That president Trump has been cheated. But we need to do something important here and ask ourselves: does our democracy function? No, I’m not asking if it functions well. Do the citizens of this nation have the right to elect their representatives and be assured thereof that their vote counted?

Yes. It’s always been this way. There were some strange things going on with the election. But this goes back to the question: do we believe in our democracy?

If the answer is yes (and if it wasn’t then why are you still here), then we’ll need to accept the results of the court. District courts, appellate courts, federal judges that Trump nominated, the highest court in the land, all weighed in on claims of fraud and shot them down. The investigations have been fruitless. Trump has lost.

US Capitol storming: Congress confirms Joe Biden's win after Trump mob  siege interrupts peaceful transfer of power; woman shot, 3 more dead -  ABC13 Houston

With this in mind, how can a group of citizens trying to overturn a fair election in favor of their candidate be considered anything other than fascistic? I still don’t think Trump is a full-blown fascist or that anyone who watches Ben Shapiro is going to be goose-stepping to work, but this is the closest that groups in this country have gotten to outright asserting that they don’t care about our elections.

Their man goes in, no matter what.


Talking-head pundits have been saying it for a whole day now. There’s no precedent for this, but you can imagine the precedent this would set?

Any real patriot ought to be downright terrified of the fact that there is a militant and unwavering group of people who would install a president who did not win an election. Anything that happens in a country once can, and probably will, happen twice. Even if you don’t think Trump is a tyrant turn-key tyranny would be all too viable for an upstart dictator in the USA.

PHOTOS: Inside the U.S. Capitol after extremist Trump supporters broke in |  PBS NewsHour

This is the worst thing that could ever happen to our democracy. If we were to allow the pillars that keep America at the forefront of global freedom to collapse then what would we have left? Not a single leg to stand on as citizens and especially not as patriots.

Conservative values aren’t characterized by one man. Our values are, and damn well should be, deeper than our politicians. And in this case, the constitution and the precedent set by great Americans that allows for fair elections are far more important than Trump. And they always will be.

Bent, but never broken

The windows of our capitol may have been smashed. The tokens of democracy may have been looted. But we have seen in this turbulent year just how strong the system is designed to be.

Our founding fathers were no fools when they separated the powers and used the paradigms of Athenian democracy to draft the words that would spawn a nation. It is a testament to our democracy that it has withstood the shocks of 2020 and especially of January 6th.

Weeks of rhetoric online made the January 6 storming of the Capitol  'entirely predictable', experts say - ABC News

The fact that our system can withstand these shocks is evidence enough that it’s a system worth protecting. Freedom marches forward only when the government both fears the people and understands itself as a part of them. And when freedoms are lost they’re not often recovered.


Which brings me to the fantastic point that Bucky Dillon made the other day. Storming the bastille to overthrow democracy (unsuccessfully) will bring nothing but tribulations to all of us.

The Democrats now have the house, the senate, and the presidency. They can and will stoke the fires of social justice and infringement like never before (maybe – I really hope not, actually – but we’ll see).

Look no further than the collusion of America’s social media platforms to silence Trump. Twitter, Facebook… how does a phone call allow this happen when monopolies are outlawed in this country? When will the next bill hit Pelosi’s desk demanding a roll-back on free speech?

Our social media companies have been operating in violation of antitrust laws for years already, and this will lend their backhanded censorship an air of legitimacy.

Censorship should never be legitimized. Thank God liberals and leftists have realized the importance of guns when dealing with the threat of Trump. Without the popular support this year has drummed up for the second amendment, there’d likely be some gun laws coming down the pipeline as well. And their precedent would be ‘security concerns’.

I do hope, as most of us do, that our country can return not only to normal but to a state of heightened prosperity. This sad day in history, January 6th 2021, will have far-reaching consequences.

So, my fellows with conservative values: I entreat you again to defend the values and not the man. The democracy and not the politicians.

The country, and not those enemies foreign or domestic who would see it thrown in to chaos.

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