The White House Takes Aim at “Domestic Terrorism”: Part II

The White House Takes Aim at “Domestic Terrorism”: Part II

By Kevin Lorusso

June 28, 2021

The following article is political opinion, and is an introduction and first part of a 3-part analysis. While I have read the document in question and am giving my own personal interpretation and analysis, I implore you, the reader, to go out and read it for yourself. As always, my opinion is biased and the following article will reflect that. However, I make every effort to engage in good-faith discourse and will try not to intentionally mischaracterize the stance of another. My words are meant to raise questions that you will seek the answer to. Never treat a political journalist’s word as gospel.

The new National Strategy for Countering Domestic Terrorism, released by the White House on June 15, is troubling enough just reading the why behind the Biden Administration’s assessment of “domestic terrorism”. Unfortunately, the how might be even more unsettling. The Strategy lays out a series of goals, called “Strategic Pillars”, that address various aspects of how the Administration will mobilize the federal government.

Obviously, the federal government is ill-equipped at the moment to fight domestic terrorists, so the unofficial Pillar One will be the Department of Justice holding out its hand for more money. There is no way the largest government in the free world has the tools on hand to spy on, target, and prosecute its political opposition. Therefore, we the taxpayer must first fork over more cash in order to fund our potential prosecution. Moving beyond that, we come to the real Pillar One: Understand and Share Domestic Terrorism-Related Information.

The first step for the federal government is going to be creating a massive database of domestic terrorism-related information based on reporting from localized law-enforcement agencies, similar to the Department of Homeland Security. You might think that the DHS would already be able to apply its skills to the situation, but apparently “domestic” does not mean “homeland”, so a new agency will most likely be handling this task, most likely called the Department of Domestic Safety.

As always, the answer to every problem is expansion of the government to even more unprecedented levels. For those that are unaware, Pillar One is basically outlining the same inefficiencies pointed out by the Intelligence Community after 9/11. Addressing inefficiencies in communication and dissemination of information to the correct agencies is specifically the mission of DHS, why it was created. Shouldn’t they already be aggregating the necessary information and disseminating it? But I digress.

The real fun begins with Pillar Two: Prevent Domestic Terrorism Recruitment and Mobilization to Violence. In this section, we learn the avenues the government will use in order to combat the perceived threats. Here, it is once again important to understand why language is so important to those that seek to manipulate and undermine our cultural foundations.

Primarily, it is important to note that while “white supremacy” and “domestic violent extremist” have been used extensively in this document, it never delves into any specific motivations beyond what might perturb the average conservative. This is intentional, as it forces anyone on the mainstream right to have to directly engage with accusations of being a “white supremacist” should they point out the obvious bias present in the strategy. “Why are you getting so defensive about the January 6 Insurrection? If you don’t think it was an actual insurrection, you must be a white supremacist!” To deny the characterization presented in this document is to affirm oneself of being a white supremacist. You either agree with everything in the Strategy, or you are who it is targeting.

With that understood, the Second Pillar starts off strong. Their stated goal is to limit recruitment into the organizations they deem to be terrorist in nature. The stated method is “reducing both supply and demand of recruitment materials by limiting widespread availability online and bolstering resilience to it by those who…encounter it”. In other words, they will go after the online forums they see as domestic enemies, standing in opposition to how the Biden Administration feels one should feel about the status quo. While this may seem a noble task, there still remains the fact that nowhere has this document concretely outlined what separates white supremacy from conservatives. It claims there is a difference, but never expounds upon that, instead continuing to list mainstream conservative talking-points as potential catalysts to violence.

The document continues, stating they will “reduce access to assault weapons and high capacity magazines”. Now, not only have they failed to differentiate between actual “white supremacists” and the conservatives that constitute their political opposition, they are using these incredibly vague standards to justify limiting your right to protection. The Biden Administration has made it abundantly clear they know there is a potential threat. They are simply lying about who it is. But more on that later.

Shortly after stating they will come after guns, the Strategy also says these prevention efforts “must be pursued while safeguarding civil rights and civil liberties.” Funny, the previous few sentences were literally attempting to justify why certain rights and liberties were necessary to be infringed upon. It also completely ignores what the Founding Fathers and so many liberty loving Americans know to be true: liberty and safety are contradicting forces. The enhancement of one requires the debilitation of the other. Why then does this Strategy continue to claim we can have both?

It continues in much the same vein throughout the Second Pillar. At one point, while covering how the government will work with the tech giants, it says the U.S. Government will “provide information to assist online platforms with their own initiatives to enforce their own terms of service and prevent the use of their platforms by domestic terrorist activities”. The U.S. Government and the Silicon Empire will work hand-in-hand in order to assure their platforms are free of the evil anti-government white supremacists. What is white supremacy you ask? Well, according to past behavior from Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube, its anything they disagree with. These platforms use vague and often contradictory terms in order to ensure complete control of content. Now, the suggestion is made that they work even more closely with the government in order to guarantee their platforms have only the approved voices on them.

Remember, it is intentional that a normal conservative would read this document and think its actually talking about them. Likewise, it is intentional that a misinformed-leftist would read this and think about their normal conservative friends and family members. The wedge is being driven between us with a sledgehammer. The Biden Administration and the puppeteers behind it have a particular narrative they are trying to maintain. It necessitates that documents such as this one further drive division between us and our community members. The Biden Administration’s Strategy reveals one all-important truth: the true enemy is not “white-supremacy”, its an American people free of the shackles placed upon them by the power-hungry elite, standing together against the predations of a tyrannical government.

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