Racism is not a Public Health Crisis

Racism is not a Public Health Crisis

In the middle of an actual, mishandled, and literally killer health crisis, the Colorado Department of Public Health has decided to devote its governmental brains and brawn to addressing another health ‘crisis’.

Colorado recently added its name to the list of states that plan to declare racism a public health crisis.

racism public health crisis
Hard at work discovering methods to waste your tax dollars

Not a moral problem. Not a thorn in the side of decent society; no, a literal public health crisis. Because there’s no better way to deal with a pandemic disprortionately railing its viral d*** into America than materializing another health crisis that doesn’t have much to do with health.

The reasoning? Black and Latino residents of Colorado are being disproportionately affected by the nation’s actual, measurable health crisis, COVID-19.

Colorado racism public health crisis
Colorado is still the best state, though

Despite accounting for only 3.92% of the population, black residents of Colorado comprise 4.65% of cases and 6.64% of deaths. Latinos make for a higher toll, having 35.62% of cases in their community and 22.3% of Colorado deaths though they are only 21.69% of the population.

So let’s break this down: Because cases of COVID are upticked by less than a percentage point in the black community, we’re going to say that the obvious racism presented by this statistic is as much of a problem as the disease itself. Not to mention the more obvious one; Latinos are overrepresented by 14% with regards to COVID. It must be racism!

Arguing whether cause of death should be ‘COVID-19’ or ‘racism’

Yeah, because infected white people have been trouncing around the Colorado burbs and projects, hacking their virally loaded phlegm onto the doorknobs of their ethnic neighbors because that’ll show em’ for… whatever, doesn’t matter because racism.

In all seriousness, though; the idea that the epidemiology of a virus can tell us something or another about racism is rather absurd. I understand how the argument would go: blacks and Latino have worse living conditions than do whites because of systemic injustice and thanks to that they end up in more situations (like essential worker jobs) that put them at higher risk of contracting the virus. In other words, systemic racism set them up to fail in the pandemic.

Colorado flag
Won’t be long till someone decides to burn this one too

Actually, though, most of the articles about this ‘crisis’ gloss over reason, and that’s no surprise. Because under even an iota of scrutiny the racist virus argument breaks down.

Cities comprise a much higher black and latino population than Colorado as a whole. As anyone with a noggin can tell, the virus tends to proliferate more easily in cities than in suburbs and small mountain towns where people are naturally socially distanced. The over-representation would thus make sense in the context of these populations being in places with higher population densities.

And don’t even try to tell me living in the city is racist. Anyone who grows up in a small town can tell you that they have, at one point or another, thought about moving to the big city. Cities are not the claustrophobic under-land where the mean white overlords force their minority populations to move; they’re outgrowths of people looking for opportunity and a different lifestyle.

coronovirus racism public health crisis
The idea that viruses don’t discriminate is, apparently, wrong

And the death rates? Both less than 2 percentage points from either population’s infection rate. That number is hardly statistically significant. Beyond that, what could we even nail this on? Lack of access to health facilities? If you show up at the hospital they have to take you, period. Doesn’t matter which one. Worries about financial ruin from medical bills? That’s by no means a minority-population problem. I haven’t had health insurance in ages, and nor have 80% of the white people I know.

The health care system in the US is the real problem. Private insurance is both overpriced and terrible at negotiating good care. Democrats populating this state’s bureaucracy would much rather declare racism a public health crisis than, you know, reform the thing that’s responsible for public health.

The final argument I could see people making for how racism is responsible for the virus’s uneven spread is this: these populations have less access to education regarding the virus. And if anything is among these words is racist it’s that idea, so I do hope no one’s touting it as a reason for this new declaration.

This would be tantamount to suggesting that minority populations can’t read or synthesize the readily available information on the internet and on signs hung around all manner of public venues. To say that they’re too ignorant or stupid to take adequate precaution would be Boulder-level condescending and pretentious.

Not pictured, but absolutely in the vicinity: soy and moustache wax

And what about the Asian population? Are they exempted from the health crisis? And if our nation’s real and endemic racism problem revolves around whites and blacks why is there such an upward skew with regards to the virus and Latino populations? Our own assumptions regarding how racism proliferates in the US can’t seem to find a cogent center from which to base their assumptions.

Latinos, as is well-documented, tend to live in households with more family members. They’re more family-oriented than white populations in general (feel free to fact-check me on this – you’re better off trusting me. The data are on my side). Bigger households are more effective vectors for transmission. This is an outgrowth of different cultural values, and having different cultural values isn’t racist. It’s one of the many things that makes the US a great place to live.

There’s more to this, of course. Not something I’m missing that would wokeify me, though, but more to the lunacy of a non-health crisis declaration in the middle of the worst actual health crisis in decades.

One of the stated goals of this initiative is to ‘diversify the department’s workforce‘ which is ‘almost 78% white’.

Oh, cool, diversity in the workforce that reflects the diversity of the state. There are problems with this, sure, but I could get over them if…

86% of the f****** Colorado population didn’t identify as ‘White alone’.

Colorado census

That’s right. The bureau pushing for this initiative states as a goal that they need to diversify a workforce that is already more diverse than the state of Colorado.

There’s no ground to stand on here. Even if we’re going with white alone, not Hispanic or Latino (67.7% of the population), a 10% differential is hardly suggestive of racism in the hiring practice. There are no data to corroborate that the hiring practices of such organizations in Colorado specifically are racist. But remember – leftist ‘woke’ culture allows people to identify as whatever they please and so does the government, which is why it’s on the census. So any data collected internally by this bureau would reflect the ‘white’ statistic in the same way the census does, and thus their own argument would necessitate them hiring more ‘whites’!

Get that smug color off your face

Which no one would dream of doing in today’s climate. This is the same tired argument propagated by feminists who think engineering is sexist without acknowledging that 80% of psychology grad students are female. It’s simply ridiculous to try and mold your work environment into the perfect microcosm of the larger state, and in this case, it would have the opposite effect of what the Department of Public Health is trying to ‘achieve’.

So, again: if you people who apparently have enough time on your hands to dream up a public health crisis on the back of one that’s killed thousands of Coloradoans already, then please: at least get better data, do better research, and present legitimate reasons instead of rewarding yourselves with virtue-signal gold stars.

Or, better yet, just deal with the goddam coronavirus and quit wasting taxpayer money on stupid programs.

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