The White House Takes Aim at “Domestic Terrorism”: Part III

The White House Takes Aim at “Domestic Terrorism”: Part III

By Kevin Lorusso

July 8, 2021

The following article is political opinion, and is a conclusion to a 3-part analysis. While I have read the document in question and am giving my own personal interpretation and analysis, I implore you, the reader, to go out and read it for yourself. As always, my opinion is biased and the following article will reflect that. However, I make every effort to engage in good-faith discourse and will try not to intentionally mischaracterize the stance of another. My words are meant to raise questions that you will seek the answer to. Never treat a political journalist’s word as gospel.

Since its release on June 15, the White House’s new National Strategy for Countering Domestic Terrorism has come under intense scrutiny. No doubt this is because it is a thinly veiled attempt to normalize the persecution of political opposition by the Biden Administration. Though many have retorted that the only reason conservatives would be upset by the strategy is because they know their ideology is white supremacist at its root, the reality is that this exact response was always the intended goal.

The narrative is as follows: the left pushes the notion that racism is the single greatest threat facing Americans, particularly minority Americans. When asked what exactly qualifies as white supremacy, use vague language that will encompass the entirety of your opposition’s belief system so as to ensure there is no confusion about the identity of the enemy. Then, drown the American people in this idea through non-stop attacks on news media, in movies, tv shows, and sports. Make sure no American can avoid the message. Tell the people that the only way to prevent this potential genocide is to vote against the Cheeto Hitler currently occupying the oval office. Using these relentless and unavoidable manipulation tactics, ensure that the man elected to replace him is of limited intellectual capacity so that he may be harnessed like a marionette. From here, the puppet will utilize his office to reinforce the idea that white supremacy is the great monster standing before our freedoms. He will declare the narrative true, then use his wealth of assets to pursue the destruction of his enemy. Next, he will mobilize the entirety of the federal and state government pursue those he has identified. From there, it is simple enough to use the same vague language to convince enough Americans to agree to the terms of the strategy, for it will hopefully instill enough fear in the detractors to silence them and allow for the annihilation of the political threat.

Thankfully, we the people have not gone quietly into the night. Conservative commentators across the country have done their part to bring the issues to light and gain support in standing against this pseudo-Machiavellian attempt to consolidate power. The last two pillars of the strategy have some of the most concerning verbiage. All Americans should be concerned about what the government is trying to do in the name of combatting domestic terrorism, as a government that can be mobilized against your political opposition can also be mobilized against you.

Pillar three aims at disrupting and deterring domestic terrorism activity. Again, the term “domestic terrorism” is deliberately selected in order to convince the average person that the strategy is less nefarious than it actually is. Here, the strategy calls for increased funding for the DoJ in order to increase pursuit and prosecution of suspected domestic terrorist. Somehow, the single most robust government on planet earth needs more money to continue violating the rights of Americans.

According to the strategy, the President’s Fiscal Year 2022 Budget calls for increased funding for the DoJ and FBI in order to better facilitate their coordination with state and local agencies. The FBI received almost $10 billion in funding in 2020, yet more is needed. Based on the evidence, I would agree, as the FBI allowed Antifa and other left-wing terrorist organizations to light cities all across the country ablaze during that same year. Realistically, the further expansion of DoJ resources and power is a terrifying thought, especially when they are calling for it to punish their enemies.

There are also many contradictions present throughout the document. For example, here in Pillar Three they say they need the funding to “ensure that they have the [resources] they need to thwart domestic terrorism and do justice when the law has been broken” (emphasis mine). Is that not the current standard already? When the law is broken? Yet this entire document centers around the idea that these threats can be identified and addressed before the law has actually been broken. Being a white supremacist is not illegal, though it is abhorrent. Espousing white supremacist beliefs is protected under the First Amendment. Still, the strategy requires that the promotion of these ideals be the trigger for pursuit. Multiple times the document stresses the need to be “ideologically neutral”, but refuses to demonstrate that very neutrality. Its one thing to pursue the threats posed by non-Americans, as they are not protected by our laws. However, the American people are supposed to have freedom from the tyranny of their own government. That freedom seems to be quickly eroding.

As if to reinforce this, the strategy also classifies people that dislike the government as potential threats. It calls for the direct prosecution of “militias” that it claims violates laws in all 50 states. The irony is that these “militias” were originally intended to be purely civilian units capable of defending the people from the predations of a tyrannical government. They are supposed to operate outside of government control, something the government has identified as a bit of a problem. Of course the federal government wants to be rid of them as they represent obvious opposition to the further expansion of the government’s power. The Founding Fathers knew in their hearts the dangers of a government that doesn’t fear retaliation from the people. They wanted the people to be able to defend themselves, something the powers behind the Biden Administration desperately seek prevent.

Nowhere is this more evident, nowhere is it clearer what the actual goal is than in the Fourth Pillar. Up until this point, there was an attempt to appear neutral. The average non-politically motivated American will most likely accept this document at its word. The government says domestic terrorism is the biggest threat, and here is their strategy for combatting it, simple enough. But the final section proves to be the one where the quiet part is put to paper.

It starts off by appealing to the idea that the problem isn’t peoples’ speech, its their actions. Those that would seek violence to achieve their goals rather than peaceful discourse are the enemy. Then it completely contradicts itself:

“Individuals subscribing to violent ideologies such as white supremacy, which are grounded in racial, ethnic, and religious hatred and the dehumanizing of portions of the American community, as well as violent anti-government ideologies, are responsible for a substantial portion of today’s domestic terrorism.”

First, it makes the claim that these things are a substantial portion of the problem while providing no statistical evidence, just anecdotes throughout. In other words, we say this is true and you should believe us. Just based on observation, this is only true if the Antifa and BLM groups that have been rampaging through communities across America aren’t considered terrorists. Seeing as how they consider Antifa “just an ideology”, it makes one wonder why it is not placed on the same pedestal as the “white supremacist” ideology referenced consistently throughout.

This brings us to the coup de grace, the true intention behind this whole operation: pushing the leftist narrative. In order to address domestic terrorism, it “means tackling racism in America”. This all comes back to the original narrative that racism is still prominent within our country. As racism is evil by nature, and evil should be combatted with all available means, using it as the paint to cover your opposition is an excellent strategy to achieve unfettered power. After all, what action wouldn’t be justified if it meant killing Hitler?

There are numerous claims that bias must be kept out of pursuing domestic terrorism, yet it is impossible to read this strategy and not feel like it is targeting one specific side of the political spectrum. Not only must racism be tackled, but so too must gun violence! Unfortunately, this does not mean restoring the right to bear arms that so many minority communities have had stolen from them. Instead, it means creating a more robust federal government, one that can identify and pursue what it claims to be terrorist ideologies.

The conclusion of the strategy is rife with manipulative language. It uses appeals to emotion to reinforce what we know to be American values, then uses these same appeals to justify violating rights. It is impossible to pursue the goal of pre-empting the violence they talk about without extreme violations of rights. Again, espousing disgusting ideologies is not illegal, but it will be used as the foundation for prosecution. Their goal is to bring “equity for under-served communities”. How that would fit in with an unbiased pursuit of domestic terrorists is beyond me, but it serves to show that Critical Race Theory will be used as a tool at every available opportunity. It is clear that the message from this document to leftists is “we appreciate your help getting us elected and we will use this power to consolidate it even further by pursuing our shared opposition”.

Our government is a terrifying force. It is the single most powerful entity that currently graces our planet. The Biden Administration finishes the strategy off by appealing to our patriotism. They present it as a bad thing that Americans do not trust their government. I disagree. As Murray Rothbard always said, the government is an inherent evil. It is our responsibility as Americans to stand against tyrannical expansions of government power, and I can imagine nothing more tyrannical than a government that seeks to quash its political opposition. Do not let the coded language present throughout the document convince you that the government has your best interests at heart. It doesn’t. Instead, recognize this as the power-grab that it truly is. The place for racism to be defeated is in our everyday lives. Its through treating each other with the love and dignity we would want to be treated with. Its through building communities founded on the ideals of individual freedom and communal success. We do not need the government to rebuild our fractured society; we need each other.  

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